At about 9 am I recieved a phone call from my mother. She told me she was driving her car in peace until the trafficlight at a road turned red. Now at the road there’s a instute created for poor foreign people to learn danish. I could imagine that these streetharrassers could have just come out of there. Anyway my mother was waiting for the light to turn green, and in the corner of her eye she spotted about 10 middle eastern men. One of them was desperately trying to get her attention waving and yelling at her. As the light turned green the men surronded my mothers car. One of the men grabbed the car door (where my mother was sitting) and yelled something in arabic at her. My mother managed to close the door and told him to fuck off or something, and luckily they took off.

I bet she Thinks i’m fucking Weiss and awkward.


Fierce orangey

fuck odense

jeg er så træt af denne her lorte by